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Author Zolner, T.
Title Going Back to Square One and Finding It's a Circle (Not) Doing University Research in Indian Country Type Journal Article
Year 2003 Publication Pimatziwin: A Journal of Aboriginal and Indigenous Community Health Abbreviated Journal (up)
Volume Issue Pages 24 pp
Keywords research, university-based, intercultural research, clinical psychology, first nations
Abstract University-based researchers know that, in order to fund and carry out a good program of research, a number of administrative steps have to be taken to obtain project approval. Graduate students also have to go through these, and other, administrative steps in order to complete their work at the masters and doctoral levels. University projects and funding require documentation of procedures as well as compliance with a variety of standards or expectations that have been established by precedent and policy development. However, in terms of intercultural research, what a university asks for does not always work in the field. To illustrate this point, this paper reviews my experience of engaging in intercultural research with some First Nations individuals as part of a doctoral degree in clinical psychology at a Canadian university. The paper includes a critical analysis of ethics application procedures, securing of funds, and attempting to meet academic criteria while retaining the integrity of a community-based research project. Maintaining that integrity requires trust, courage, sacrifice, openness on both sides, and, above all, a sense of commitment to the community of people involved in the project ahead of personal or academic goals and expectations.
Corporate Author Thesis Master's thesis
Publisher Place of Publication Editor
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